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Psychology Dip. SAC

NLP Master Life Coach

NLP Master Weight Loss Coach

Master Spiritual Coach

NLP Business Coach

Certified Hypnotist

Phobia and Fear Cure Therapist

Certified  Kinesiology, Brain Gym®, RESET TMJ

Graduate studies in Expressive Therapies (Sandplay, Art Therapy, Play Therapies)

Diploma Naturopathy, Homeopathy & Aromatherapy

Certified Healing Massage Therapist

Certified Lymphatic Drainage Technician

Meditation Teacher

Certified Personal Trainer and Fitness Instructor

Certified Dietary and Nutrition Counselor





"Things are really going well right now.  I'm in such a good place mentally. I truly believe that you helping me focus my life, is a HUGE reason as to why things have been full steam ahead. I couldn't be happier. I've definitely noticed a difference and the biggest part of that is that I'm working towards something that I'm truly passionate about and so far, I think I've been doing a good job at it!  I feel more confident in my every day dealings, I guess it's something about being in control of my own life/ charting my own path!  Thanks Tracee! I really appreciate it".  Justin, USA

"Thank you for your wonderful insights and tips.  You have been instrumental in helping me deal with my anxiety with regard to my son's operation and giving me the tools to help enhance my children's upbringing.  You are an inspiration to remember and follow as I head down the road of weight loss.  Strengthened by the tools you have taught me, it is now a task I can and will achieve".  Name withheld, Netherlands

I had a paralyzing fear of heights. Tracee led me through a process that cured me completely. Her calm and reassuring tone guided me and made me feel completely at ease through the process. I recently went hiking and I was able to look down from a cliff without feeling panic. I recommend working with Tracee for any fears or phobias you might have. She is a gentle person that will make you feel comfortable. And, she makes it happen!"  Patricia, Germany

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