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       Only you have your answers.  Tracee works with you by asking the questions that ultimately lead you to your answers within, where health, vitality, abundance and purpose live.  As a Lightworker, Mentor and Guide, Tracee uses her intuitive gifts, studies and philosophies with those who wish to live a life of balance, optimal health, well being and true purpose.

        Offering services to all, Tracee assists those who feel challenged in life through Mental, Emotional or Physical illness as well as those seeking Emotional counseling, Personal Development and Spiritual growth and Mastery.

        Each session uses different modalities according to the clients requirements.  Working with the five bodies, Spiritual, Emotional, Mental, Physical and Chemical, integrated with Body, Mind and Spirit, assists in bringing about wellness to the whole person.

         Tracee has been in the Healing, Counseling and Personal Development arena for over twenty years professionally and continues to pursue her studies to ensure that all modalities that are offered are the best available.  And as the owner of a metaphysical store - The Universal Connection and The Sacred Seven Mastery School - Tracee is engaged in wellness, wholeness and spirituality each and every day.

         Born and raised in Australia, Tracee has lived and traveled the world extensively, working with other practitioners and clients.  Overseas exposure and life experiences has enabled her to obtain a higher level of experience which she uses to assist those seeking insight, wellness, wholeness and a divine remembrance of self.

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  • Life Mastery Mentoring

  • Fifth Dimension Tools

  • Sacred Ray & Flame Teachings

  • Breakthrough Sessions

  • Temple Healing Sessions

  • Channeling

  • Home & Business Clearings

  • Crystal Work

  • Ceremonies & Blessings

  • Sacred Retreats

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